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ASSIST Communities is a movement that fosters grassroots efforts to address local problems with local solutions. We are proud that over the last few years we have brought attention and action to the opiate epidemic here in Avon Lake and Lorain County.

Through this epidemic we realized that many different issues have contributed to the challenges people face in our community so as an organization we are evolving to bring attention, information and facilitate action on a variety of issues that affect so many in our community. We believe that making positive changes locally can create change on local, state and national levels.

Meet the Team

ASSIST Communities is run by an all volunteer group of citizens.


Jim A. Coyne

Founder & President

"I believe we can take care of ourselves and come up with local solutions to local problems."


Lisa K. Goodwin, OCPSA

Vice President

"I believe that connecting with people, brings positive change, and builds a healthier community."


Jim Schaeper

Co-Founder & Treasurer

"I believe that education and awareness can help many families avoid the impact of drug and alcohol addiction."


Kristen LePrevost

Community Liaison

"I believe that taking action locally can be the start of change on a broader scale."

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Jennifer McGee McManamon

School Liaison / Parent Advocate

"I believe that sincere and open dialogue among ALL parts of a community strengthens and empowers individuals as well as the community at large."

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